Source code for colour.contrast

-   :cite:`Barten1999` : Barten, P. G. (1999). Contrast Sensitivity of the
    Human Eye and Its Effects on Image Quality. SPIE. doi:10.1117/3.353254
-   :cite:`Barten2003` : Barten, P. G. J. (2003). Formula for the contrast
    sensitivity of the human eye. In Y. Miyake & D. R. Rasmussen (Eds.),
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from __future__ import annotations

from colour.hints import NDArrayFloat, Literal
from colour.utilities import (

from .barten1999 import (

__all__ = [

CONTRAST_SENSITIVITY_METHODS: CanonicalMapping = CanonicalMapping(
        "Barten 1999": contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999,
Supported contrast sensitivity methods.

:cite:`Barten1999`, :cite:`Barten2003`, :cite:`Cowan2004`,

[docs] def contrast_sensitivity_function( method: Literal["Barten 1999"] | str = "Barten 1999", **kwargs ) -> NDArrayFloat: """ Return the contrast sensitivity :math:`S` of the human eye according to the contrast sensitivity function (CSF) described by given method. Parameters ---------- method Computation method. Other Parameters ---------------- E {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Retinal illuminance :math:`E` in Trolands. k {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio :math:`k`. n {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Quantum efficiency of the eye :math:`n`. N_max {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Maximum number of cycles :math:`N_{max}` over which the eye can integrate the information. p {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Photon conversion factor :math:`p` in :math:`photons\\div seconds\\div degrees^2\\div Trolands` that depends on the light source. phi_0 {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Spectral density :math:`\\phi_0` in :math:`seconds degrees^2` of the neural noise. sigma {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Standard deviation :math:`\\sigma` of the line-spread function resulting from the convolution of the different elements of the convolution process. T {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Integration time :math:`T` in seconds of the eye. u {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Spatial frequency :math:`u`, the cycles per degree. u_0 {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Spatial frequency :math:`u_0` in :math:`cycles\\div degrees` above which the lateral inhibition ceases. X_0 {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Angular size :math:`X_0` in degrees of the object in the x direction. Y_0 {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Angular size :math:`Y_0` in degrees of the object in the y direction. X_max {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Maximum angular size :math:`X_{max}` in degrees of the integration area in the x direction. Y_max {:func:`colour.contrast.contrast_sensitivity_function_Barten1999`}, Maximum angular size :math:`Y_{max}` in degrees of the integration area in the y direction. Returns ------- :class:`numpy.ndarray` Contrast sensitivity :math:`S`. References ---------- :cite:`Barten1999`, :cite:`Barten2003`, :cite:`Cowan2004`, :cite:`InternationalTelecommunicationUnion2015`, Examples -------- >>> contrast_sensitivity_function(u=4) # doctest: +ELLIPSIS 360.8691122... >>> contrast_sensitivity_function("Barten 1999", u=4) # doctest: +ELLIPSIS 360.8691122... """ method = validate_method(method, tuple(CONTRAST_SENSITIVITY_METHODS)) function = CONTRAST_SENSITIVITY_METHODS[method] S = function(**filter_kwargs(function, **kwargs)) return S
__all__ += [ "CONTRAST_SENSITIVITY_METHODS", "contrast_sensitivity_function", ]