colour.colorimetry.dataset.illuminants.d_illuminants_s_spds Module

CIE Standard Illuminant D Series \(S_n(\lambda)\) Distributions

Defines the CIE Standard Illuminant D Series \(S_n(\lambda)\) distributions involved in the computation of CIE Standard Illuminant D Series relative spectral power distributions.


[1]Wyszecki, G., & Stiles, W. S. (2000). CIE Method of Calculating D-Illuminants. In Color Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae (pp. 145–146). Wiley. ISBN:978-0471399186
[2]Lindbloom, B. (2007). Spectral Power Distribution of a CIE D-Illuminant. Retrieved April 05, 2014, from
colour.colorimetry.dataset.illuminants.d_illuminants_s_spds.D_ILLUMINANTS_S_SPDS = CaseInsensitiveMapping({u'S2': <colour.colorimetry.spectrum.SpectralPowerDistribution object at 0x7fa03e61b190>, u'S1': <colour.colorimetry.spectrum.SpectralPowerDistribution object at 0x7fa03e61b110>, u'S0': <colour.colorimetry.spectrum.SpectralPowerDistribution object at 0x7fa03e61b050>})

CIE Standard Illuminant D Series \(S_n(\lambda)\) spectral power distributions

D_ILLUMINANTS_S_SPDS : CaseInsensitiveMapping
{‘S0’, ‘S1’, ‘S1’}