colour.plotting.characterisation Module

Characterisation Plotting

Defines the characterisation plotting objects:

colour.plotting.characterisation.colour_checker_plot(colour_checker='ColorChecker 2005', **kwargs)[source]

Plots given colour checker.


colour_checker (unicode, optional) – Color checker name.

Other Parameters:
  • **kwargs (dict, optional) – {boundaries(), canvas(), decorate(), display()}, Please refer to the documentation of the previously listed definitions.
  • width (numeric, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour polygon width.
  • height (numeric, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour polygon height.
  • spacing (numeric, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour polygons spacing.
  • across (int, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour polygons count per row.
  • text_display (bool, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Display colour text.
  • text_size (numeric, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour text size.
  • text_offset (numeric, optional) – {multi_colour_plot()}, Colour text offset.

Current figure or None.

Return type:



KeyError – If the given colour rendition chart is not found in the factory colour rendition charts.


>>> colour_checker_plot()