colour.plotting.corresponding Module

Corresponding Chromaticities Prediction Plotting

Defines corresponding chromaticities prediction plotting objects:

colour.plotting.corresponding.corresponding_chromaticities_prediction_plot(experiment=1, model='Von Kries', transform='CAT02', **kwargs)[source]

Plots given chromatic adaptation model corresponding chromaticities prediction.

  • experiment (int, optional) – Corresponding chromaticities prediction experiment number.
  • model (unicode, optional) – Corresponding chromaticities prediction model name.
  • transform (unicode, optional) – Transformation to use with Von Kries chromatic adaptation model.
Other Parameters:
  • **kwargs (dict, optional) – {boundaries(), canvas(), decorate(), display()}, Please refer to the documentation of the previously listed definitions.
  • show_diagram_colours (bool, optional) – {CIE_1976_UCS_chromaticity_diagram_plot()} Whether to display the chromaticity diagram background colours.

Current figure or None.

Return type:



>>> corresponding_chromaticities_prediction_plot()