colour.plotting.plot_single_function(function: Callable, samples: ArrayLike | None = None, log_x: int | None = None, log_y: int | None = None, plot_kwargs: dict | List[dict] | None = None, **kwargs: Any) Tuple[Figure, Axes][source]#

Plot given function.

  • function (Callable) – Function to plot.

  • samples (ArrayLike | None) – Samples to evaluate the functions with.

  • log_x (int | None) – Log base to use for the x axis scale, if None, the x axis scale will be linear.

  • log_y (int | None) – Log base to use for the y axis scale, if None, the y axis scale will be linear.

  • plot_kwargs (dict | List[dict] | None) – Keyword arguments for the matplotlib.pyplot.plot() definition, used to control the style of the plotted function.

  • kwargs (Any) – {colour.plotting.artist(), colour.plotting.plot_multi_functions(), colour.plotting.render()}, See the documentation of the previously listed definitions.


Current figure and axes.

Return type:



>>> from colour.models import gamma_function
>>> plot_single_function(partial(gamma_function, exponent=1 / 2.2))
(<Figure size ... with 1 Axes>, <...Axes...>)