colour.CCS_ILLUMINANTS = CaseInsensitiveMapping({'CIE 1931 2 Degree Standard Observer': ..., 'CIE 1964 10 Degree Standard Observer': ..., 'cie_2_1931': ..., 'cie_10_1964': ...})

Chromaticity coordinates of the illuminants.


DCI-P3 illuminant has no associated spectral distribution. DCI has no official reference spectral measurement for this whitepoint. The closest matching spectral distribution is Kinoton 75P projector.


CIE Illuminant D Series D60 illuminant chromaticity coordinates were computed as follows:

CCT = 6000 * 1.4388 / 1.438
xy = colour.temperature.CCT_to_xy_CIE_D(CCT)

sd = colour.sd_CIE_illuminant_D_series(xy)
        sd, colour.MSDS_CMFS['CIE 1964 10 Degree Standard Observer']) / 100.0)
  • CIE Illuminant D Series D50 illuminant and CIE Standard Illuminant D Series D65 chromaticity coordinates are rounded to 4 decimals as given in the typical RGB colourspaces litterature. Their chromaticity coordinates as given in [CIET14804d] are (0.34567, 0.35851) and (0.31272, 0.32903) respectively.

  • CIE illuminants with chromaticity coordinates not defined in the reference [Wikipedia06b] have been calculated using their correlated colour temperature and colour.temperature.CCT_to_xy_CIE_D() colour.sd_CIE_illuminant_D_series() and / or colour.sd_to_XYZ() definitions.

  • ICC D50 chromaticity coordinates were computed with colour.XYZ_to_xy() definition from the CIE XYZ tristimulus values as given by ICC: [96.42, 100.00, 82.49].


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  • ‘cie_2_1931’: ‘CIE 1931 2 Degree Standard Observer’

  • ‘cie_10_1964’: ‘CIE 1964 10 Degree Standard Observer’