colour.MUNSELL_COLOURS = CaseInsensitiveMapping({'Munsell Colours All': ..., 'Munsell Colours 1929': ..., 'Munsell Colours Real': ..., 'all': ..., '1929': ..., 'real': ...})

Defines the Munsell Renotation System datasets.

  • Munsell Colours All: all published Munsell colours, including the extrapolated colors.

  • Munsell Colours 1929: the colours appearing in the 1929 Munsell Book of Color. These data has been used in the scaling experiments leading to the 1943 renotation.

  • Munsell Colours Real: real, within MacAdam limits Munsell colours only. They are the colours listed in the original 1943 renotation article (Newhall, Nickerson, & Judd, 1943).


  • The Munsell Renotation data commonly available within the all.dat, experimental.dat and real.dat files features CIE xyY colourspace values that are scaled by a \(1 / 0.975 \simeq 1.02568\) factor. If you are performing conversions using Munsell Colorlab specification, e.g. 2.5R 9/2, according to ASTM D1535-08e1 method, you should not scale the output \(Y\) Luminance. However, if you use directly the CIE xyY colourspace values from the Munsell Renotation data data, you should scale the \(Y\) Luminance before conversions by a \(0.975\) factor.

    ASTM D1535-08e1 states that:

    The coefficients of this equation are obtained from the 1943 equation
    by multiplying each coefficient by 0.975, the reflectance factor of
    magnesium oxide with respect to the perfect reflecting diffuser, and
    rounding to ve digits of precision.
  • Chromaticities assume CIE Illuminant C, approximately 6700K, as neutral origin for both the hue and chroma loci.



  • ‘all’: ‘Munsell Colours All’

  • ‘1929’: ‘Munsell Colours 1929’

  • ‘real’: ‘Munsell Colours Real’