colour.colorimetry.sd_multi_leds_Ohno2005(peak_wavelengths: ArrayLike, fwhm: ArrayLike, peak_power_ratios: Optional[ArrayLike] = None, shape: SpectralShape = SPECTRAL_SHAPE_DEFAULT, **kwargs: Any) SpectralDistribution[source]

Return a multi LED spectral distribution of given spectral shape at given peak wavelengths and full widths at half maximum according to Ohno (2005) method.

The multi LED spectral distribution is generated using many single LED spectral distributions generated with colour.sd_single_led_Ohno2005() definition.

  • peak_wavelengths (ArrayLike) – Wavelengths the multi LED spectral distribution will peak at, i.e. the peaks for each generated single LED spectral distributions.

  • fwhm (ArrayLike) – Full widths at half maximum, i.e. widths of the underlying gaussian spectral distributions measured between those points on the y axis which are half the maximum amplitude.

  • peak_power_ratios (Optional[ArrayLike]) – Peak power ratios for each generated single LED spectral distributions.

  • shape (SpectralShape) – Spectral shape used to create the spectral distribution.

  • kwargs (Any) – {colour.colorimetry.sd_single_led_Ohno2005()}, See the documentation of the previously listed definition.


Multi LED spectral distribution.

Return type




[Ohn05], [OD08]


>>> sd = sd_multi_leds_Ohno2005(
...     np.array([457, 530, 615]),
...     np.array([20, 30, 20]),
...     np.array([0.731, 1.000, 1.660]),
... )
>>> sd.shape
SpectralShape(360.0, 780.0, 1.0)
>>> sd[500]