colour.plotting.plot_single_sd_rayleigh_scattering(CO2_concentration=300, temperature=288.15, pressure=101325, latitude=0, altitude=0, cmfs='CIE 1931 2 Degree Standard Observer', **kwargs)[source]

Plots a single Rayleigh scattering spectral distribution.

  • CO2_concentration (numeric, optional) – \(CO_2\) concentration in parts per million (ppm).

  • temperature (numeric, optional) – Air temperature \(T[K]\) in kelvin degrees.

  • pressure (numeric) – Surface pressure \(P\) of the measurement site.

  • latitude (numeric, optional) – Latitude of the site in degrees.

  • altitude (numeric, optional) – Altitude of the site in meters.

  • cmfs (unicode or XYZ_ColourMatchingFunctions, optional) – Standard observer colour matching functions used for computing the spectrum domain and colours. cmfs can be of any type or form supported by the colour.plotting.filter_cmfs() definition.

  • **kwargs (dict, optional) – {colour.plotting.artist(), colour.plotting.plot_single_sd(), colour.plotting.render()}, Please refer to the documentation of the previously listed definitions.

  • out_of_gamut_clipping (bool, optional) – {colour.plotting.plot_single_sd()}, Whether to clip out of gamut colours otherwise, the colours will be offset by the absolute minimal colour leading to a rendering on gray background, less saturated and smoother.


Current figure and axes.

Return type



>>> plot_single_sd_rayleigh_scattering()  
(<Figure size ... with 1 Axes>, <...AxesSubplot...>)