colour.plotting.tm3018.plot_single_sd_colour_rendition_report_full(sd: SpectralDistribution, source: str | None = None, date: str | None = None, manufacturer: str | None = None, model: str | None = None, notes: str | None = None, report_size: tuple[float, float] = CONSTANT_REPORT_SIZE_FULL, report_row_height_ratios: tuple = CONSTANT_REPORT_ROW_HEIGHT_RATIOS_FULL, report_box_padding: dict | None = None, **kwargs: Any) Tuple[Figure, Axes][source]#

Generate the full ANSI/IES TM-30-18 Colour Rendition Report for given spectral distribution.

  • sd (SpectralDistribution) – Spectral distribution of the emission source to generate the report for.

  • source (str | None) – Emission source name, defaults to colour.SpectralDistribution_IESTM2714.header.description or properties value.

  • date (str | None) – Emission source measurement date, defaults to colour.SpectralDistribution_IESTM2714.header.report_date property value.

  • manufacturer (str | None) – Emission source manufacturer, defaults to colour.SpectralDistribution_IESTM2714.header.manufacturer property value.

  • model (str | None) – Emission source model, defaults to colour.SpectralDistribution_IESTM2714.header.catalog_number property value.

  • notes (str | None) – Notes pertaining to the emission source, defaults to colour.SpectralDistribution_IESTM2714.header.comments property value.

  • report_size (tuple[float, float]) – Report size, default to A4 paper size in inches.

  • report_row_height_ratios (tuple) – Report size row height ratios.

  • report_box_padding (dict | None) – Report box padding, tries to define the padding around the figure and in-between the axes.

  • kwargs (Any) – {colour.plotting.artist(), colour.plotting.render()}, See the documentation of the previously listed definitions.


Current figure and axes.

Return type:



>>> from colour import SDS_ILLUMINANTS
>>> plot_single_sd_colour_rendition_report_full(sd)
(<Figure size ... with ... Axes>, <...Axes...>)